Mentors and Advisors


David Smith

David Smith: Founder of the Sprockets, Smith is our leading technical mind. His passion and commitment are unrivaled! An accomplished dancer and a loud snorer, he knows that the bird is the word!

John MacKinnon

John MacKinnon: Our teaching lead in 2014, Master Mac is a renaissance man: Chef, Tech and Culinary teacher, home renovation and robotics, fearlessly driving a 10-person van full of students through tornados on the way to St. Louis; he does it all!

Alice McRae, Mike Schwab

Steve Peace, Debra Peace


Don Hayter, Jane Hayter

Lisa-Rae Cormack, Nagarajan Sakthikumar

Cynthia Domjancic, Peter Domjancic

Kelly McCarthy, Bruce Robertson, Riley McCarthy-Robertson


Humzah Shaikh

Humzah Shaikh: Humzah is studying engineering at Durham College. His expertise in the pit is welcomed at all local competitions!

Lara Surmak

Lara Surmak: Going into fourth year at McMaster University for nanomaterials engineering, Lara mentors two FIRST teams: the Sprockets and MakeShift in Hamilton.

Krysta Traianovski

Krysta Traianovski: Currently studying materials chemistry at Waterloo, Krysta is invaluable at long distance team organization and administration, and champion of LabView!

Ken Wong

Ken Wong: Third year mechatronics enginnering student at Waterloo, Ken mentors long distance and contributes exceptional design, build and coding advice!