It’s Been One Day Since Build Season Ended!

Today is a short post as everyone is taking a bit of time to relax after the long and strenuous build season! We at Team 1075 just wanted to say good luck to all the teams participating this year!

I know that, just like us, yesterday was a long, LONG day as it was the final day of the 2018 Build Season and finishing touches were being put on the robot. We ended the Build Season at exactly 12:00 am!

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2018 Build Season is Ending, so What’s this Season About?

Hey guys! It’s crunch time for all FRC teams as the build season reaches it’s end with about a week left to go and lots of tasks to finish! Things are getting stressful as we try to put the finishing touches on our robot.  After the build season ends, the Sprockets have two upcoming competitions/events: one at UOIT on March 2nd and the other at North Bay on March 29th.

For those of you who aren’t up to date on the new 2018 game, this blog post is all about this season’s game and the different components in it. This year, there is a big focus on strategy as there are lots of different routes you can take throughout the season.

This year’s FIRST Robotics Competition game is about 2 alliances of video game characters. They are stuck in an arcade game and to get out, they must defeat the boss.

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Local FLL Team Visits the Sinclair Sprockets!

A local First Lego League team, the ZERO-G CUBERS, visited us on Sunday, to learn more about FIRST, our team and how the build process works.

The ZERO-G CUBERS visiting us, the Sinclair Sprockets #1075, at Sinclair Secondary School. They’re a local Durham Region First Lego League Team.

First, we showed them this season’s game and how it works. After that, we showed them our base and what the final copy looks like (sorry, no pictures, that’s a secret:)). Then, we showed them how our design process works; how we brainstorm our ideas and then turn those ideas into reality by using software such as Solid Works and Lab View. We showed them what different parts look like in Solid Works and a basic idea of how Solid Works works.

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Future of Robotics – Robotics are the Future.

If you ever had a iota of doubt about spending your precious high-school hours dabbling in robotics than, say, hanging out with friends or catching a movie or watching Netflix re-runs, have no doubt that you are on to the right thing. Robotics which was a novel concept that was mostly seen only in movies including the fascinating “Tron (1982)“, ridiculous “Transformers” series and thought-provoking “Ex-Machina“, we promise you it is here more than ever. The future is going to be full of it an it would be wiser to be on-board.

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