March 14th is an eventful day

To you, today may just be another day. Just another day in a very relaxing March break (unless you’re working, which, in that case, sucks). But, this isn’t just any other day. Today, many historical events coincided and there’s a very famous day for a VERY famous number. Today, we grieve the loss of a very special man.

Today is….

  • International Pi Day
  • The passing of Stephen Hawking
  • The 300th anniversary of the death of Galileo
  • The birthday of Albert Einstein.

International Pi Day

First of all, Happy Pi Day! While some of you may just think of it as the boring number you learn about in math class, there’s so many cool facts about it! It’s not just any old number. 

  1. Lots of people eat pie on this special day because… it’s Pi Day (get it?)
  2. Pi doesn’t end at 3.14. It goes on and on and on and on and on and on…. you get the point. Peter Trueb’s (someone who’s very enthusiastic about pi) computer got 22,459,157,718,361 digits!
  3. There is a Pi World Ranking List. Suresh Kumar Sharma of India is the world champion, having memorized 70,030 digits in March 2015!
  4. About 40 000 years ago, the Babylonians first calculated pi.

Click here to read a really cool article about Pi Day!

The Passing of Stephen Hawking

While the blog post might have started off on a light note, at this point, this is being written in the memory of Stephen Hawking. He was an amazing man and a brilliant scientist. He was the best known theoretical physicist of his time of his time. Hawking was one of the most celebrated scientists since Albert Einstein. He wrote A Brief History of Time which became an international bestseller.

When Hawking turned 21, he was attacked with ALS and while the doctors did not expect him to live much longer, he stunned everyone by living for 50 more years. Throughout his life, he searched for a “unified theory” but he later said that it doesn’t exist. After A Brief History of Time, he followed up with The Universe in a Nutshell, with many concepts and ideas.

Stephen Hawking
This picture was taken from which is a wonderful source to learn more about this extraordinary scientist and wonderful man.

He appeared on many TV shows and there was a movie made about him. He was sometimes referred to as “the perfect mind trapped in an imperfect body.” Hawking also made discoveries and theories that disproved other ideas about black holes.

Stephen Hawking was a phenomenal physicist, author, scientist, father and human being.

The Birthday of Albert Einstein

Born March 14th, 1879, Albert Einstein is one of the most appreciated and known scientist throughout all of history. His various discoveries and theories, including E=mc², have explained many things about the way the universe works. Some equations, especially E=mc², are familiar to most people. It seems fitting that Albert Einstein was born on International Pi Day.

Albert Einstein, a genius who is still known to the modern world. This image was taken from

The 300th Anniversary of Galileo’s Death

Besides Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, 2 genius scientists, Galileo Galilei was a brilliant man. He was born on February 15th, 1564 and he was an Italian astronomer. Galileo was also a mathematician, physicist, philosopher and professor. He made ground breaking discoveries about nature and physics. Besides that, he invented and made a telescope and supported the heliocentric model of the solar system. He was an author for a large amount of books and the methods he used to prove his theories involving mathematics have changed our understanding of everything around us. His discoveries and concepts were revolutionary for science and for this reason, he was named “The Father of Modern Science.”


Thanks to these brilliant men, our lives as we know them are drastically different and we have a deeper knowledge of the beautiful place we live. Today is an extraordinary day as not only is it International Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s birthday, but it is the 300th anniversary of the death of an evolutionary astronomer and scientist, Galileo. And, on a sadder note, this last piece is for Stephen Hawking, an amazing father, scientist, physicist, author and man and we all grieve for him and his family today.

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