It’s Been One Day Since Build Season Ended!

Today is a short post as everyone is taking a bit of time to relax after the long and strenuous build season! We at Team 1075 just wanted to say good luck to all the teams participating this year!

I know that, just like us, yesterday was a long, LONG day as it was the final day of the 2018 Build Season and finishing touches were being put on the robot. We ended the Build Season at exactly 12:00 am!

It was a very joyous day, with a full potluck, including our signature timbits and pizza but we also got a whole variety of food for our team feast. It was a blast!

With competitions coming and anticipation building, all we can say is, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU BUILT A ROBOT IN 6 WEEKS! And that’s amazing. Whether you’re a rookie team or one of the expert teams, it’s always a tough but rewarding challenge.

It’s kind of funny how, after these 6 weeks of wishing that the build season was over so we could all have our weekends back:), it’s only been one day and everything already feels boring and relaxed like there’s nothing to do. Let’s build some more robots!

With this post coming to an end, Team 1075 just wants to take a moment to say that congrats and that there’s nothing like the thrill of a robotics competition and we hope to see you there!


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