Local FLL Team Visits the Sinclair Sprockets!

A local First Lego League team, the ZERO-G CUBERS, visited us on Sunday, to learn more about FIRST, our team and how the build process works.

The ZERO-G CUBERS visiting us, the Sinclair Sprockets #1075, at Sinclair Secondary School. They’re a local Durham Region First Lego League Team.

First, we showed them this season’s game and how it works. After that, we showed them our base and what the final copy looks like (sorry, no pictures, that’s a secret:)). Then, we showed them how our design process works; how we brainstorm our ideas and then turn those ideas into reality by using software such as Solid Works and Lab View. We showed them what different parts look like in Solid Works and a basic idea of how Solid Works works.

One of our mentors talking about Solid Works, an auto CAD software that helps us plan out the different components in our robot. This is part of our design process.

Next, we gave them a tour of our workshops, from the wood shop where most of our fabrication occurs, to the auto shop, where our heavy duty cutting takes place, to the CAD lab, where all of the computers are.

A mentor teaching the kids how to use this tool. They’re all captivated by how old it is!


Our mentors showed them how to use several tools, and taught them little tricks about things like filing and the difference between different saws etc.



The FLL Team then got a presentation about our other robots, including our robot that made it to Worlds back in 2015! They were fascinated (and slightly scared) by the robot and soon got into an animated discussion with some of our senior members about the different bases and parts that go with each robot.


Finally, we ended the day by talking about where robotics and FIRST leads to. They wanted to know if teams like this would be beneficial for them to join and if they gave you a better chance at getting in to universities such as U of T and Waterloo. The answer: YES! By joining a robotics team, you learn so much more involving STEM, building, designing, coding and how to use simple, every day tools.


On a lighter note, at the very end, we all enjoyed some timbits:) because who doesn’t like a timbit? To be part of the team, you gotta enjoy them because they’re there every meeting.

We wish the ZERO-G CUBERS the best of luck and we know they’ll achieve great things!

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